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Our Mission- To manifest the social relevance of computing by promoting its various aspects such as programming, hardware/software integration, system design, and making the community aware about the technology that can enrich their lives.  

            Socially Relevant Computing (SRC) is a unique paradigm in computing introduced by the researchers at the University at Buffalo, Rice University and Microsoft Research. It focuses on the use of computation to solve problems that students are most passionate about. It presents computer science as a cutting-edge technological discipline that empowers them to solve problems of personal interest (socially relevant with a “little s”), as well as problems that are important to society at large (socially relevant with a “capital s”). More about SRC is available at Publications Section. We want to dedicate this website as a common platform for everyone who wants to take part in the journey of making SRC a successful paradigm. We will soon come up with a dynamic website. Till then, stay with us, statically, using this platform.


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